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Why the World Should Recycle
There are obvious reasons the world should recycle. Some include helping the environment, reducing waste, and beautifying our world, not to mention leaving it cleaner for our children. Many times, when recycling is mentioned, people think about paper, glass, metal, and plastic. These are all things that should be recycled to preserve the deteriorating environment that we have. What most people do not think about, however, are those old electronics they no longer use. Examples include old television sets as we upgrade to bigger and better ones, the latest cell phone that has a bigger and better network than the one we had before, and new laptops, computers, gaming consoles, etc. Many do not even think about what becomes of these old things that they throw out, but there are ways to recycle even that old junk and there are many benefits to doing so. Some of the benefits are still as glaringly obvious as recycling anything else: cutting down on waste, reducing the amount of toxins in our neighborhoods and environment, as well as protecting plants and animals. Speaking of toxins, electronics contain many of those that we don’t want to seep into our soil and water supply, so properly disposing of them can help keep people healthy. Recycling those old electronics also helps conserve natural resources, because let’s face it, those can be pretty limited. Part of recycling electronics can be donating them to a charity if they still work, such as drop off sites for old cell phones that are given to soldiers serving overseas. This reduces the waste as well as helps those who are serving our country. Having a recycling program for electronics also creates more jobs and markets for parts that can be refurbished. These refurbished parts can be reused by electronics manufacturers, cutting down on their production costs and possibly cutting the price you ultimately pay for that new electronic gadget you’ve been dying to get your hands on. This makes recycling economically sound as well. There are also personal benefits to recycling old electronics. Some places are willing to pay you to take an old cell phone, tablet, or laptop off your hands and actively being involved in an recycling program will look good on a resume for future employment prospects. Hosting a recycling day at a local school could help the school generate funds as well. The list of benefits could go on. This is just to get you started thinking about how beneficial recycling electronics can be to you, your neighborhood, your local school, your neighbors, and the environment.